I have a passion for animals! I share residence with two Rottweilers and a Shih Tzu. They are all boys and get along great! These boys are who pushed me to start this business and ensure their mommy takes great care of your dogs. I am an Accredited Pet Sitter and am CPR certified. I am a member of ASPCA, Humane Society, and Pet Sitters International. I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies! I guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.

Peanut RIP 9/2016

Part Owner

Spoiled, Spoiled, Spoiled! He is the alpha believe it or not and keeps his two Rottweiler brothers in their place! And you better believe they listen when he gives a command! Peanut is loved by everyone. The extra special attention he gives to his human friends makes them love him like they would their own child. He loves bath time, ears cleaned, nails clipped… in other words, he LOVES to be pampered. He will greet you by bowing his little head and he will expect the same in return to give you a gentle “head hug”. He loves to be held and would allow anyone to take him home. I check purses and bags to make sure Peanut isn’t in there upon friend’s departures.


Part Owner

We adopted “Yo-yo” after one of our customers was no longer able to care for him. He only has one eye so we changed his name to Willy from Goonies. He has brought so much joy to our lives. Such a little love bug! He fully enjoys spending full days outside when it’s warm out and just basking in the sun.

R.I.P. Juggy Boy 9/14

Part Owner

Juggy was adopted from the East Brunswick Kennel. When he joined the family he misbehaved every chance he got. It took much love and effort but now Juggy is a healthy balanced boy. He loves his two brothers and is very loyal. Juggy is a great watch dog. He inspects every noise he hears around the house. He turned out to be such a loving, sweet best friend! I would suggest adoption before you go out and buy a pet. Juggy has been such a blessing and he is very healthy. He might not be alive right now if I didn’t take him, please do the same and save a dog’s life. The dog will certainly appreciate it and show you how much he does every second he gets a chance!


Part Owner

Kyus is the baby of the family even though he is the biggest. I call him the “Gentle Giant”. He loves playing with his brothers and just LOVES to talk! You can find Kyus relaxing on the couch watching t.v. with his Chihuahua brother tucked in close to him, or playing outside in the yard. He enjoys car rides and loves to visit with friends. He hasn’t met an animal or human he hasn’t loved!


Meet Ken from Freehold, New Jersey. Ken was the first employee at Puppy Paradise in 2013 and has returned as an assistant manager. Working with animals, and dogs in particular, is his lifelong passion. In addition to his experience at Puppy Paradise, Ken has 7 years of experience working with dogs at Rescue Ridge Animal Rescue in Monmouth County, New Jersey. At Rescue Ridge, Ken socializes rescued dogs and helps them find new homes. He has experience working with a wide variety of breeds and personalities, and takes great joy in getting to know dogs as the unique individuals they are.

Eva Q

Meet Eva Q from Old Bridge! Eva has been with us since July 2014. She has a 2 year old Chihuahua of her own named Oakley. She says her favorite thing about being here is that her “favorite thing in the world is dogs and I get to spend my day with the sweetest, most playful dogs.”


Meet Colleen from Jackson. Colleen has been with us since November 2014. She has recently adopted one of our foster dogs, a 2 year old pitbull named Tessa. Colleen’s favorite thing about working here is “to be able to spend my time with all different types of dogs.”

Chloe W.

Meet Chloe W. from Heightstown! Chloe has been working with us since March 2016. She has 4 beautiful purebred Shelties of her own. Chloe has previously worked at another kennel where she gained a lot of hands on experience with dogs making her a great addition to the staff. She says, “My favorite thing about working here is getting to know all the dogs personally and ensuring that they are safe and having a great time!”

Colby R

Meet Colby R. From Cream Ridge NJ! Colby has been working with us since June 2016. She has a Jack Russel/Border terrier, a labradoodle, a lab retriever mix, and a hound mix. All rescues! Colby previously worked at another pet care facility and gained a lot of experience working with many different dogs so we knew she would be a good fit! She says that her favorite thing about working here is, “seeing how nervous a new dog can be when they first come in, and then seeing how happy they are when they make new friends!”

Briana R.

Meet Briana R. from Cream Ridge NJ! Briana has been working with us since August 2016. She has a Jack Russel/Border terrier, a labradoodle, a flat coat retriever mix, and a hound mix. All rescues! She previously worked at a different pet care facility where she gained a lot of hands on experience. Briana says that her favorite thing about working at Puppy Paradise is, “interacting with different breeds of dogs and learning all of the different temperaments.”